Free Conference of the Young Verviers Bar

Conférence libre du Jeune Barreau de Verviers/ juin 24, 2000/ Relations extérieures


Within the Verviers Bar [fr], the Free conference of the Young Verviers Bar (officially: Belgian ASBL «Conférence Libre du Jeune Barreau de Verviers») is an association which is established in the Verviers Court of Justice (rue du Tribunal, 4 in B-4800 VERVIERS, Belgium).
Its aim embodies every activity whatsoever which has to do with the profession of lawyer-barrister (i.e. avocat in French).
The president and the members of the Conference are the hearth of the social activities at the Bar.
The membership of the association is open to every member of the Verviers Bar.


The Conference namely:
  • organises the Young Bar Lunchtimes, i.e. sessions of information,
  • posts articles concerning Law, Justice and the Bar in the media,
  • supports exchanges with other Belgian and foreign Law Societies and Colleagues,
  • takes part in the representation of the Bar,
  • organises meetings and colloquia about Law,
  • invites its members to cultural activities.
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